A Model For Prayer

I was encouraged in 2000 through a seminar to spend daily time with the Lord, and took the presenter, Tom Raley, up on his challenge.   In my early years of doing daily time I followed Tom’s recommendation to a T. This is what he taught me: When you wake up in the morning, “Good morning Jesus. Thanks for a good night sleep. Look forward to being with you.” After that spend a few minutes in each of these:

  1. Praise
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Guidance – read scripture and pray over calendar for the day
  4. Dedication of the day to the Lord
  5. Intercession – pray for family and those you minister with and to
  6. Petition
  7. Meditation – pick out something from your time with the Lord that you can walk with the rest of the day.

* By Tom Raley – Practicing Spiritual Discipline

After a few years of using this model I began to branch out to other tools. The devotional book titled, “A Guide to Prayer” has been a great companion on this journey of daily time with the Lord. It gives a daily psalm, scripture reading and reading for reflection for the day. This is a great tool for someone starting out on a journey of daily time. For three years I did the One-Year Bible and it was fantastic. It got me deep into scripture each day and provided a grounding for my faith.

What I learned from Tom and from my own experience these past sixteen years is that a plan is vital. Without a plan we are wander. To get up each morning and know where to begin our time with Jesus is essential for longevity. If we are serious about making time with the Lord a priority, then follow a plan that becomes a simple ritual will lead to vibrant life in Jesus.

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