A Gift for Santa

On the 3rd Sunday of Advent we were committed to stick with our “unplugging” as a family from Saturday night until Monday morning.  Each year we jump on the city bus and head downtown to take in the sites and participate in a few traditions, including a visit to Ole’ St. Nick. On Sunday morning we announced to Hadassah that we were going to visit Santa and she’d get to tell him what was on her Christmas wish list. She responded with a huge smile and you could tell the little wheels in her mind were turning. Little did we know that we were about to receive another lesson from our youngest daughter on what this Advent season is really about.

After her pre-school class at church, later that same morning, she was adamant that I ask the teacher for her present. On her own accord, Dasi had constructed a special little gift about the size of a matchbox from the crafting supplies in her class. As we drove away from church to head to the bus stop, Hadassah was clasping her new little present tightly. We still had no idea what was so special about this gift.

As we waited in line to meet Santa Claus the kids were all very excited, but Hadassah could hardly contain herself. When it was finally their turn to meet Santa he asked each of our kids individually what they would like for Christmas. Before Hadassah answered the question she reached out her hands to Santa and gave him the special gift. With a little shyness (not typical for Dasi) Hadassah whispered, “This is for you Santa.”

Hadassah gift to Santa

Whoa, Shawn and I were holding back the tears. In a season when it is so easy to be self-focused and thinking about what we “want for Christmas”, our 3-year old discovered the real joy is in the giving.

hads close up santa

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