A competitive nature

I am a very competitive person.  I will only get into debate or argument if I think there is a chance of winning.  If I have a point I am trying to get across, I will only enter into the conversation if there is a good chance that I can convince the “opposition” that I am right.  Jesus wasn’t like that.  He had a very different way of looking at things.  In the Gospel of Luke, a person who ended up in Hades is pleading with God to let Lazarus go to his family on earth to tell them that Jesus is real.  Jesus response:”They would listen even if someone rises from the dead”  (Lk 16:31)  Jesus is giving great forshadowning here.  As he talks with the Jews, he points out that even someone rising from the dead won’t convince them.  Jesus knew that the majority of people would not repent and believe, but he died and rose anyway.  Just because most people don’t respond to the Gospel, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do everything in our power to proclaim the good news.

Prayer:  Lord, today I repent and believe in you.  Have mercy on me.  Amen

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