College Game Day is rich!  Even though they are on their 4th season of using the same “Comin to your City” song, I still get chills every Sat morn at 7 A when the fellas crank it up live from campus.  Of course this week they were in Austin.  I do need to give a quick shout our for the Horns fans.  We have really stepped it up since the Vince Young days on our showing and enthusiasm when Game Day is in town.  In 2005 when GD went live from the field inside Memorial Stadium I ws embarrased.  I am so glad they decided to move it out the the lawn, and that Mac Brown called the fans out to get their butts out of bed to show their support.

Week 3 of the season was a good one.  The first two weeks were a little blase’, except for the few marque games.  Even though Colt McCoy looked a little rough, we got the win.  It was good to get last years loss to Texas Tech off our back and move forward into this season.  We play another painful non-conference game against UTEP this week and then it’s go time for Big 12 play.  Here we go….

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