Water skiing

When I think summer, I think boating.  Growing up in West Texas, we spent a fair amount of time at the lake water skiing.  I have found memories of strawberry Crush in a can, hot sunny days, the smell of wet pleather seats, and sitting in the water behind the boat saying, “Hit it!”   I realize they didn’t have motors back then, but if they did I think Jesus would have been a water skier.  We get a lot of stories about boats and lakes from the Gospel writers.

In Mark 6, we get the story about Jesus walking on water.  He has already calmed a storm once for his buddies, and he is at it again in vs 45ff.  His comment to his friends after he saves them, yet again, is incredible,“Take courage; it is I, do not be afraid.”  Isn’t that where most of us live?  If we are completely honest, in fear?  Fear of the unknown, fear that we won’t be provided for, that our kids will (fill in the blank), that our job will go away, that the next deal won’t come, that our life is pointless, that we are trapped.  Fear of what a boss, a co-worker, a friend, people in general, think about us. Afraid to not be busy, to evaluate our lives, to make a change.  The list can be endless, we may not even be able to verbalize it as fear, but if we are in control of our own lives, then we know that we are living in fear.

Jesus shows up that night, see’s that his friends are struggling through “life” and says, “Take courage, I AM is here”.  Now this is significant, we can’t miss this. These guys in the boat know the book of Exodus (see Ex 3:14) like the back of their hand, and they know who I AM is, Yahweh, God, the ONE.   In the midst of their fear, Jesus shows up and says, “I’ve got this guys, trust me, I am God.”

Prayer:  Lord, help me not to fear today.  Help me to recognize you for exactly who you are, and to believe in you today.  Amen

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