2 Gifts in 2011

The Lord presented to gifts to me in the beginning of 2011: 1) weekly Sabbath day with Anna and the kids 2) 20 minutes each day in quiet with Him.  As I come to the end of a year of practicing these two disciplines, I have much gratitude that the Lord brought these two disciplines to mind.  

So what does a weekly Sabbath look like for our family?  Well, we make sure that we do a few things: worship the Lord together, take a break, and have fun.  Our typical routine is for me to get up with the kids around 8:00 AM and head down to the basement to lie on the couch and watch a morning show.  We try to keep quiet and let Momma get a, much needed, day to sleep in and have time of quiet.  At around 10:30 we all meet up in the kitchen to fix breakfast together. After that we eat around the big table in the dining room and head into the family room for worship.  We sing a few songs then I read one of the “story of God for children”.  After that we take communion as a family, sing a few more songs, pray and decide what the rest of the day will look like.  We try to get outside to do something fun or make our own fun around the house.  We often attend the 5:00 service at church, but sometimes we don’t.  Anna and I put the kids to bed and have a leisurely dinner together. 

The 20 minutes of quiet came out of a recommendation from my “book for the year” titled Centering Prayer. Each year I pick one book that I stay in throughout the year.  The author presents a way of praying that focuses on resting in the Lord.  My favorite line is the book is, “You learn to let the rest do the rest.”  His suggestion, which I have followed for my daily time of listening, is to pick one word and say it over and over during the 20 minutes.  My word has been SURRENDER.    My mind still wanders throughout the time, but having this prayer word helps keep me focused on Him. 

These two things, family Sabbath and daily listening have both been a great gift in 2011.  The Lord continues to blow me away with His goodness. 

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