12 Years of Marriage and Counting

This past weekend Anna and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.  We have a little ritual of reflecting on the past and talking about the future when we hit our anniversary..  This year was no different.  We talked about the weekend we went from being friends to “defining the relationship.”  We reminisced about that beautiful day in Portland when we said our vows, and we told stories back and forth about milestones along the way the past 12 years of doing life together.

This year, we also verbalized a few of the things that we believe keep our marriage from becoming stagnant.  The first big hitter is that we are best friends.  We are never short on things to talk about, laugh a lot, enjoy spending time together and are genuinely interested in each others’ lives.  The second big one is that we partner in life’s day-to-day activities.  Household duties, taking care of all of the “business” of having a family of 5, parenting, ministering with and to friends and neighbors, and providing time for one another to do things that “fill our tanks.”  The third thing we talked about is a willingness to communicate about the good stuff and hard stuff of life.  We consistently enter into the deep waters that inevitably come up in a growing intimate relationship with another person.  Like all couples, we each have our own stuff to deal with, and we have areas of vulnerability in our relationship, but we keep those things in front of us and strive for “life to the fullest” that Jesus offers.

I am very grateful to the Lord for Anna.  She is the perfect one for me and I am so glad that our paths crossed that summer in Florida 14 years ago.  I look forward to year 13 and many more together.

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