10 Years of trying to listen

Almost 10 years ago I listened to a speaker talk about the life changing impact of getting time with Jesus every day.  At the time of his teaching, he had been having daily time with Jesus for over 40 years.  The next day after I heard him speak I wrote this in my journal, “Today I commit to spend the next 30 days in a row in time spent alone with Jesus.  That is my vow.”  At the end of the 30 days this was my entry, “As I limp into day 30 I am grateful that You have helped me stay the course.  Thank you for calling me into this time with You.  I AM IN!  I will get time with You each day from here on out. ”

That first entry was Nov 16, 2000.  As  I approach the 10 year mark of daily time with the Lord I realize that I have learned a lot along the way.  While I know that there are many who have gone way before me, and have spent daily time with the Lord for much longer than I have, I believe that there are some things to say.  So… I will be blogging over the next number of months about these things.

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