1 out of 10 is not success

Whether it is a business deal, sales call, a bet, an investment, getting only 1 out of 10 is not good.   Talk about tiring, hearing 9 no’s, 9 rejections, no one is going to last too long doing that.  For some reason though, it didn’t seem to phase Jesus.  One day 10 lepers asked him to heal them.  He sees their state and cleansed them of their leprosy.  Only one of them came back to say thanks.  Only one out of ten, whose lives were drastically changed for the better, had gratitude.  My first thought is, “How could this be?”  My next thought is, “How often do I show gratitude for all that Jesus does for me?”

I really like Jesus’ response/invitation to the guy that came back, “Travel, your belief has made you well.” (Lk 17:19)  Jesus uses the same term that he will later use with the disciples just before he leaves earth, travel.  In other words, while you are going about your life make sure that others know, by the way that you live, that I am the One responsible for your life.  Our biggest complement to Jesus is gratitude. Only one out of ten got it right that day.

Prayer:  Lord, so often I am one of the 9.  I miss it.  I miss that you are there, available, waiting and wanting to change me.  Help me to be aware of you today and to respond with gratitude.  Amen

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