Am I Loved? gets at the universal questions of identity, worth, and faith most everyone grapples with, along with practical guidance on how to answer them.”  – Ron Carucci, Managing Partner Navalent/ HBR & Forbes Contributor

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Shawn invites us to confront our most compelling question – Do I matter? His poignant honesty takes the reader on a journey to answer this question once and for all – You Are Beloved of God – there is no higher value. This is the cornerstone in which our lives and our faith … and thus our decisions ultimately depend.

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, author of Sex, God, and the Conservative Church

A deeply personal story and a wisely sculpted invitation to challenge those destructive and abusive mantras that play on a loop in our heads telling us who we “really” are. A shining light to this searching pilgrim that, beyond the dogma and the drama, maybe God’s identity could simply and literally be love. Sean McConnell, Singer/Songwriter

About the Author

Shawn is a dynamic speaker, blogger and compelling storyteller. For the past 20 years he has mentored emerging leaders, helping them navigate the deeper questions of life. Shawn was married to Anna for 20 years. She passed away in 2020. Shawn and his kids live in Seattle, WA where he provides life coaching and spiritual direction for men through Teleios. Shawn holds a BA in Accounting/ Finance and a Masters of Divinity. He loves spending time with his family, hiking, kayaking, fly-fishing; and enjoys inviting others into adventure, connection and rest.

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